Atha Yogasenter
18.-19. februar
Kirtan og 2 inspirerende workshoper med vår gode venn fra Munchen.

Jivamukti Workshop med Petros


Lørdag 18. februar
Kl. 17.00-18.00

Ta med barn, familie og venner - og bli med på en stemningsfull yogakonsert!

Anbefalt donasjon kr 100,- Kan betales ved oppmøte.

Søndag 19. februar

Kl. 9.30-12.00

Fire, fire, fire: how to boost your body fire for transformation
In this Workshop we will focus on stimulating different heat-centers of our energetic and physical body-layers. We will practice specific bandha, mudra and asana that ignite our agni (digestive fire). This allows us to feel how the subtle shift of temperature within us is a door-opener for more subtle though very powerful changes in the energy- (or prana-) flow in our nadi-system. Physical strength, mental clarity and a cessation of gross and subtle influences which are not conducive to our spiritual evolution are the results.  

tivra-samveganam-asannah Patanjali Yoga Sutra I.21  “The highest yogic results will come quickly to those who practice intensely.”

The workshop include Asana, Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and chanting .

Kl. 14.00-16.00
Nada Yoga Intensive
The primal source of all existence, all power, is the manifested sound – AUM (OM). This is the Divine Word. It is Nada Brahman, whose unceasing call is: "Be ye all ever merged in the eternal, unbroken, continuous consciousness of the Supreme Truth.“ - In this Workshop we will experience our phisical body as sound-body, working with sound, receptivity, resonance and tuning - so as to experience more subtel forms of consciousness. All Hatha yoga aims to that perception: To realize life as sound and sound as life - in, with and through us…
The workshop include Asana, Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and chanting.

Workshopene er åpne for alle nivåer, men noe erfaring med yoga er en fordel.

Kr 990,- ved samlet påmelding til Kirtan + begge søndagstimene innen 03.02. (pris ved samlet påmelding til Kirtan + 2 workshoper etter 03.02. kr 1125,-)
Pris enkelttimer: Kirtan: Anbefalt donasjon kr 100,-, Søndag kl. 9.30 kr 550,- Søndag kl. 14.00 kr 475,-.

10 % til Atha Yogier med abonnement på enkelttimer eller ved samlet påmelding etter 03.02. Abonnenter må benytte rabattkode PETROS ved påmelding i Mindbodyonline/app-en dersom rabatten ikke slår inn.
Betaling og påmelding her!

Petros Haffenrichter lives in Munich, Germany and is co- manager of the Munich Jivamukti Yoga schools. He is a regular guest teacher in many yoga- schools around the world and has taught at many international conferences and festivals. He teaches Yoga-Workshops on asana, pranayama, nadam and philosophy, plays kirtan-concerts and hosts Yoga-retreats. His students say, they feel inspired by the joyful and both, authentically deep and light teachings. Summers he spends mainly in his yoga-retreat "kretashala" located at the southwest-coast on the island of Crete.
He was one of the first Jivamukti teachers to be "advanced certified" directly from his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. Born into a family of artists and musicians he is a dedicated life long student of arts and music and plays a variety of instruments. He performed in countless concerts and festivals and has published several albums, amongst the most recent "Embrace" in 2009, "Narayana" in 2012 and "Kali" in 2013.

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